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Cirynne's Gibberish

En blogg om allt mellan himmel och jord, studier, mamma-tankar, familj och vänner.

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Inlägg i Cirynne's Gibberish

Had a nice day!
I've had a really nice day today. Tyra and I went to town and met Anna and Karl at 9 in the city-garden. Very nice! A little play outside until we ventured inside the open-kindergarden for some more play time. We took an early lunch at 11.00 and was done around 12.00. Karl fell asleep really quickly, Tyra was asleep 12.45 and slept 45 minutes when I woke her up. I haven't strolled around in town for a long time. I've always had somewhere I had to rush off so it was a very enjoyful day. I liked it a lot. Thank you Anna and Karl for great company and I'll see you both on Sunday.

World of Warcraft among other things
I've got my account back today. All of my gear was left! Yay! My bank had been emptied, some bags and quiver were gone. But the most important thing is that I had my gear intact! Yay, thank you Trickstah if he stopped it in time or if the GM restored it! I don't know which. Even though I have everything that I actually need back, it still feels weird and strange. I guess the right word is violated.Today it took one and a half hour to get Tyra in bed. Not a good thing. Perhaps we need to twiddle a bit with her sleeping hours during the day, and be firm with that. I'll try with only 45 minutes tomorrow.We had a nice day! Went up around 6.30. Around 9 we left home and went into town. We visitied the open day-care center, which we frequently visited during my maternity-leave. Tyra had a blast. She played with the rocking-horse, with cars, jumped on the "studsmatta", "åkte rutschbana" and sang. We also met Anna and Karl for a short while, until we left for dinner at mom and dad's. Soup. Mmm. :)After that it was nap time for us both. I think that late nap time might have been a part of the difficult going to sleep now too. At 15.00 we took a stroll to my sister and "fikade". Anders came there after he quit work. Then we went home and Anders cooked food, while I fixed with the laundry. Which I now remembered we need to hang up! The bad thing with all laundries.Tomorrow I will meet Anna and Karl for some nice hang-out time and an early lunch. :)Now laundry time! And then drawing time. I'll try to see what I can do. Haven't drawn in ages so I guess it'll be hard to success. But I've got some inspiration. I also thought about sewing tonight, but now it is a bit late. That'll have to wait for another day. Hopefully tomorrow while Anders and Torbjörn watches football... as usual during EM... :PStay safe!

Some old pictures
Kaz wanted to see some of the stuff I've drawn so here some old pictures comes. I don't have any newer that I'm pleased with so, you'll have to do with this... :)

Daily basics
I thought I should write off before going to bed. First I thought I'd skip it as I couldn't bother. But after shutting my computer off, I came to the conclusion that when I do that I just can't fall asleep. So, now I brought my laptop to bed with me. :PAnders watching football anyway so. Bläh! I'm not into football at all and now it is EM which means pretty much matches everyday. Blah! I couldn't care less actually. He also played his last raid this evening. I didn't play of course as I still haven't got my account back. I've sent the e-mail to Blizzard though that my computer is safe etc. I'd really like to see how much of my character I've got left. :( I don't like not knowing.Tonight I've surfed a lot, more or less on nothing important. I've surfed on Wacom tablets. After seeing people using them on drawing in the computer I was a bit sold. But really, I don't draw a lot right now, even if I wanted. I feel kinda scared to lift up the pen again, because I know I'm lacking a lot of experience right now. Or how should I put it... When I haven't drawn for ages I know I suck and I don't like that. I want to draw perfectly and I can't do that. That takes repetetive stuff and constant working. I haven't done that lately. Apart from drawing flowers, pigs and stuff with Tyra. And that don't really counts. Perhaps I should draw something "proper" when I play with her instead. I've also surfed on vaccum-cleaners. Wouldn't it be awsome to have a vaccum robot?! I hate vaccuming! But they are a bit over what I want to pay so it'll be a regular one. I got 1000 kr for that purpose on my birthday, but I guess we will buy a little bit more expensive. My guess is around 1500 or something, that is what I want anyway.And my printer/scanner is busted I think. It isn't working at all at the moment. :( It is just whirring when we start it and say that there is paper jammed, but there isn't. I think its broken.Now Tyra's woken up and is sitting here next to me, watching me type. She is such a sweety. She can nearly count! She doesn't really know what it means, but she knows some of the numbers and in somewhat order. "Ten" is the favourite and "eight". :) My baby! Her language is getting more and more fun to listen to everyday. Today she has been going around singing. It's been "Bä bä vita lamm" (Bää, bää hita amm, ar du ågon öll, a a ära ba...), "Lilla snigel" (illa nigel ackta dej ackta dej ackta dej ackta dej) och "Sjörövar-Fabbe".No, I guess it is time for me to quit a bit quicklly. It's been a busy day, we've been cleaning and grocery-shopping and now it is time to bed. I spent a lot of time surfing the web finding inspiration and I think I've got some now. It was nice.Good night!

My fruit-plate
Nice! Isn't it! :D Now I've allready have a plate that I love and use for fruits, but this will be a nice stand in for the fruit (will it be harder for Tyra to reach?) and excellent for cookies!! Yummy!

Today went better than I thought! I got everything I planned to do today done and now the list for tomorrow looks okey. Perhaps a bit over-whelming, but it always does. I've come to the conclusion that I'm looking forward until tomorrow. I actually like having birthdays. It is nice meeting everyone and getting gifts and hugs etc. Tomorrow Anders will go up with Tyra in the morning. (Does that mean "frukost-på-sängen"?)Then will do whatever has to be done. And we've put up tables both in the shadow and in the sun. The thing is that the tables in the sun are close to the house, thus small way to walk. Though I think it'll be horrible sitting there. My mom wanted a table there anyway, "for the old people". I suspect they'd rather sit in the shadow though, even with a party-tent over their heads. It doesn't really help much. anyway, if more people wanna sit in the shadow, the tables are easy to move.I bought yummy bread from Henry's! I've fixed chairs. I fixed sallad etc. Tyra had a terrific time at her aunts place, my sis said that they almost laughed all the time. :) And Kasper got a lot of "no!"s. :) And Tyra got to drive "lastmaskin" home afterwards. She is a real farmer-girl and loves tractors, machines and animals. We patted a horse the other day. :) I'm nervous and the sleep tonight is predicted to be bad. heheTa ta!

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A new thing...
...I feel stressed. :P That's new isn't it? hehe Nah, the old usual stuff. It just hit me today that this birthday-thingie is blowing over my head. I need a list so I'm writing it now in swedish.Torsdag8.00: Lämna Tyra hos Madelene och åka och handla sådant som behövs till imorgon. Listan blev överraskande lång. Fast det kanske inte är så konstigt när det är 25 pers som kommer.Handla på Willys.Handla bröd på Henrys. (Jag ger upp det goda Foccaccia brödet till förmån för min egen hälsa)Få hjälp av min pappa och hämta stolar och bord, samt skiva till dukningsbordet till trädgården. Min pappa kommer med de bästa tipsen! Han är underbar!ca: 10.30: Hämta Tyra från 11.30: Lägga Tyra.Ställa iordning borden och sätta upp party-tältet.Fixa i trädgården.Hämta tårtorna från mamma.FredagKoka pasta till pastasalladen, grilla kycklingen, hacka alla grönsaker. Garnera tårtorna med grädde och jordgubbar.Byta om till svarta kjolen och gamla ljusgrön-turkosa tröjan. Det får duga!Sätta på papp-dukarna på borden.Ställa fram allt med lock för att hålla flugorna borta.Now it feels a lot better, because it is a reasonable amount of stuff to do. Not too much wich it first felt like. Yay, I haven't taken water over my head. And I love (even though I already love my sisters) my sister for watching Tyra tomorrow morning! Madde if there's anything I can do for you, don't hesitate to ask.

Translation of the article (a bit word by word)
To have a red birthday fits Jeanette perfectlySome people don't like that the 6th of June has become a public holiday, since it is "stealing" other free days. But Jeanette Skoglund in Örslösa do not complain. - It is good to always have a day off on your birthday, she says.When we arrive to the yellow house on Enelund in Örslösa, Zorro, a long-haired cat recieve us. He is very friendly and greets us hello with a good-natured purring. - Zorro is probably the nicest cat in the world. Our daughter Tyra is soon two years old and quite rough with him, but he is never offended, Jeanette narrate.Enelund is beautifully situated, actually neighbouring Jeanette's childhood home. She and her partner Anders Hoff moved in after her grandmother. - She and grandfather lived here for many years, but both are gone now. When grandmother died we got the oppertunity to take over and it suited us well. There is still a lot to do, but it moves forward. And it is good to have baby-sitters close by.Jeantte likes it in the house and hopes that she gets to stay there for many years, but it also depends what happens with work as well. She has three terms left on her teacher education.- My goal is to teach in english and swedish on upper secondary school level. I will try to get in a foot in a school close by, preferably in the area around Lidköping so that we can continue on living here, says Jeanette.One of Jeanette's intrests is to sew clothes and she actually started an education in Uppsala to become teacher in sewing and weaving. It became only one term though, after that she became unsure of that was really what she wanted to do.- But the teacher-thing is really fun, it is great working with kids. Therefore I gradually continued and have lately studied at the University in Skövde. The next term it will be Skövde and MittUniversity on distance tution, and even if it will be very intensly, it will probably be allright, Jeanette means.During the summer Jeanette will work with the elderly in Lidköping's municipality and she is looking forward to it. She was substitute there allready last year, so she know what to expect. - It was really fun, you feel really appreciated when you go to the old people and help them with their medication, food or just for a chat. It was also really nice working-friends last year and I count on that most of them are still there.Jeanette has Ljungen in Nyestan as her headquarters, where she heads out to the old people from.- Most time it is handy to take the bike, also the nicest as well. During the evenings though we take the car, she tells.The family take of course a lot of Jeanette's free time, a young lady on two demands hers. But friends are also important, and she likes to sew, read and to play World of Warcraft on the internet.- It's given me a lot of friends, foremost in Europe. You are apart of a guild where you play a character that you will develop and get better with. It is really fun, we are 25 people that has become real friends (I was refering to that we play 25 man instances, not the amount of friends). It is sure thing a friend-feeling in the game.The house is in development, during the summer the boarding needs to be changed so she doesn't lack occupations. Jeanette also wants to work a bit in the garden.- My grandmother had loads of different flowers in the garden in her days. I also think that it is fun, even though I'm not as skillfull and with the same high ambitions as my grandmother. But some nice things should be done.On the national day, Jeanette turns 25. She is used to that everyone hoist the flag for her, now even the 6th of June has turned to a public holiday. A lot of people dislike it as other day Whitsunday (annandag pingst) has been taken away and that the national day per automatic not necessarily means a free day - it can happen on either a saturady or sunday as well.Jeanette though sees the advanatages of it.- For me it fits perfectly. Its practical to always be guranteed free on your birthday, then I can celebrate without a problem!Perhaps it fits well especially this year as the 25th birthday is something special. JeanetteCurrent: turning 25 on Friday the 6th of JunePlace to live: house on Enelund in ÖrslösaFamily: partner Anders Hoff, soon to be two year old Tyra, the cat Zorro.Occupation-plans: studying to become a teacher, three terms leftInterests: enjoys sewing, currently a lot of childrens clothes. Hanging out with family and friends, playing World of Warcraft. Taking care of the enjoyments of life.Celebrating her birthday: having a party with friends and family at home.

Getting things of my chest
Right now I'm not quite sure what I'm writing, because everything is blury. No, I haven't been drinking. I just forgot my glasses in Tyra's room when Anders and I switched. She is in a period when it take about two hours to get her in bed sleeping. *sighs* Every time it is like this it feels really rough and still I now know that the only thing that helps is patience, patience, patience and a hell of a lot of stubborness. Still highly dislikes it.I'm very disturbed over my shoulders and that they are the reason that my head often throbs in ache. I hate having heacaches! I hate waking up with them and going to bed with them! Today though has been quite allright, and I've managed without any pills. I've used my hot "vete" pillow on my shoulders three times today and I will force myself to go out for a walk when Tyra is asleep. I think that it is so boring to go out and walk, yet I know it is really good for my neck.Another thing that really disturbes me is my ability to NOT being able to go to sleep myself. Perhaps I'm related to my daughter. I went to bed around 22.30 last night. When Anders got to bed around 23.30, I was still awake. He fell asleep after about five minutes, which made me completely furious with him! I nearly had to wake him and tell him that I was mad on him. Luckily Tyra sounded and he went to her, so I didn't have to wake him to tell him that. I was so envious of him that he so easily could go to sleep, and I just couldn't! I hate it! I hate when I can't go to sleep because then I know I'll be dead-tired the other day and I know that I will be grumpy etc. *crazy-talk to myself*But... my dear Jeanette. You have vacation, you can relax as much as you like tomorrow. You and Tyra usually don't have any problems to stay in bed for a few minutes longer, because that girl knows that it isn't a good way to get you up. Instead she hugs you up and that is a really nice way to wake up, right? Also, you do have at least an hour to sleep while your daughter is taking her nap. You have all the time you want to do whatever you thinks fit for yourself to feel well. It doesn't really matter if you can't go to bed before 24.00. yeah, sure. You'll be a bit tired, but you'll still manage, because you'll have a relaxing day together with your daughter the day after. Which is really nice.*end crazy-talk*Well, I guess I can manage, even though it is rough. I like sleeping eight hours and six hours is a bit too little for me too feel okey. And I guess my un-able-to-sleepness isn't helping my headaches. I want acupuncture sooner! I have to wait though. I don't think threat towards my acupunctur helps. :Phehe Now I've laughed for a bit! Anders came out and watched funny youtube movies. :) Björn Gustavsson and Johan Glans is the best! :D Go Parlamentet. :PAnyway, apart from my above stated problems, the day has been great! :D Tyra and I went up at 7.30 (!) and had breakfast. Around 8 my father came and started with the housewalls (new wood, or whatever you say), so Tyra and I decided to do a cake for him. After we started we discovered that we had no coco, so we phoned my sister and took the bike to borrow some from her. :D (I also phoned my mom, but she was still asleep). We ate cake around 10.00 together with my dad and mom and watched some nice photos from when we were bathing in Vänern. Then both Tyra and me went to bed and slept for an hour. Then we ate and went outside. We had a lovely time, sitting on a blanket, playing with Tyra's toys, watching the trees and sky, and ripping up some stuff from the garden that shouldn't grow between the peonys (do you call them that?). Then Anders came home and he made potatoes au gratin! Yummy! My dad had some as well. Then we had about 80 of trying to get Tyra to sleep and now I'm writing this. Now I'm going to watch something that Anders want to show me, and then there will be a translation of the article. Ta ta!//Jeanette

I'm in the newspaper
Today I'm in the newspaper. :D


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